Dr G is a theremin-playing space geek on a mission to spread the word about science! Merging hooky new wave beats with lyrics explaining science and the natural universe – think Talking Heads fronted by Bill Nye the Science Guy – Dr G creates a sound that is utterly unique, and as educational as it is infectious.

Drawing on over a decade of experience as an educator, academic, and performing musician, Dr G (aka Greg Melchin) became convinced of the potential for music to promote scientific literacy in a fun and engaging way. The songs on Dr G’s debut album Dr G Goes To Space! (released June 26, 2019) break down some of the most fascinating topics in physics and astronomy in language accessible to kids and adults alike, set to relentlessly catchy music you’ll be singing for days!

Dr G plays the theremin, an obscure musical instrument invented by Russian physicist Lev Termen (Leon Theremin) in 1920. One of the earliest electronic musical instruments, the theremin’s eerie sound is recognizable from dozens of science fiction soundtracks. It may be the only instrument that is played without the player touching it!

Hailing from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Dr G now divides his time between Halifax and Ottawa.