Dr G

Dr G is a theremin-playing space geek on a mission to spread the word about science! Merging hooky new wave beats with lyrics explaining science and the natural universe – think Talking Heads fronted by Bill Nye the Science Guy – Dr G creates a sound that is utterly unique, and as educational as it is infectious. For SCIENCE!

Parents: if you’re looking for some educational content to distract your kids with, I’ve put together a playlist of my educational science music along with brief explanations of the scientific content behind the songs. I call it “Dr G’s Science Adventures”. The videos are not exactly high production quality, but it’s 100% kid-friendly and the science is accurate. The whole playlist is a little over 30 minutes – part 1 is about space and part 2 is about physics. It’s there if you need it! Stay healthy 🥼🔭🖖